Benefits for Parents

Psychosocial professionals have been sensitive to the emotional impact that the disease of cancer has on the entire family system – especially the children. Although the emotional response of every cancer patient is unique, the initial set of feelings for many adults who have been diagnosed with cancer often ranges from shock, to fear, to a sense of lost control, and anger.

From the initial time of diagnosis through the process of treatment and recovery, parents with cancer suddenly find themselves immersed in an overwhelming sea of emotions, appointments and information – all while trying to manage and maintain a degree of normalcy at their home, their job and their families.

Our program enables you to provide parents with the peace of mind that the emotional needs of their children are being addressed during this challenging time in their lives. You’ll also be providing them with the tools to talk openly about their disease with their children, and to encourage their children to express their own feelings and concerns.

The CLIMB® program will provide parents with:

  • The tools to identify and address the affect their disease is having on their children.
  • Reduced stress by knowing that their children are getting the support and assistance they need to normalize the feelings that accompany this “family disease.”
  • The emotional support of other parents who are dealing with similar issues.

Parents tell us they can now more easily talk with their children about the cancer, that their children are expressing more feelings at home, that the children look forward to the “club,” and they— the parents— are now comfortable in requesting more information and support.