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    WELCOME! We hope you will use the Coordinator’s Forum to your full advantage.  Many of you are facing the same challenges and can benefit from each other’s experience and creative solutions.  Many of you have great ideas and have made exciting modifications to your program.  Please share them!

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    Debbie Smith

    Hello from NC! I would love to hear ‘best tips’ from successful CLIMB programs. Some issues our program experiences:
    1) retaining families for the entire program (sick parent, sports).
    2) getting enough families

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    Marcy Elwood

    Hello, Debbie!

    It’s Marcy and Nan from Marshfield Clinic in Eau Claire, WI!

    Recruiting families can definitely be a challenge. Here are some tips that might be helpful:

    – CLIMB brochures provided to each new patient in their education packet
    – CLIMB brochures mailed annually to all local elementary schools
    – Inform other local medical providers in the community that you provide this program, and it is available no matter where healthcare is received
    – Educate all providers (from the MD’s to the Appointment Coordinators) about the program and the importance of spreading the word
    – E-mail all staff about 1 month before each session starts to remind them of dates/times as a refresher
    – Utilize a display board in the waiting room of your facility with information about the program and upcoming dates/times
    – Inform media (using your facility process) of the program – they like these types of stories
    – Have your Oncology Social Worker discuss the program further as appropriate
    – Identify staff champions who are advocates for the program
    – Keep a list of patients/families who have expressed interest and do follow-up calls with these families prior to the start of the next session. (We always have an ongoing list of these families.)
    – Repetition is KEY! It is very rare that we have participants whose family only heard about the program 1 time. We usually have to discuss it with them 2-3x’s before they register their child – don’t give up!

    We have not noticed issues with retention. Usually if a parent is sick, another family member or friend will bring the child/children. We have also had parents/loved ones pass away during the program, and other family members/friends have brought the children. As far as sports and other events, we have had some children miss a time or 2, but we always catch them up at the next session.

    Hopefully all of this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions!

    Thank you,

    Marcy Elwood, LCSW and Nan Bethmann, RN

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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