Peter van Dernoot, BS

Peter vandernoot 15

Founder and Board Chair, The Children’s Treehouse Foundation, Denver, CO

Peter is the founder and the original executive director of Children’s Treehouse Foundation.  In 2001 Peter was driven to begin the Children’s Treehouse Foundation to fulfill a vision that every cancer center in the US would have a support group for children whose parents are diagnosed with cancer. His passion is rooted in the fact that nothing of the sort was available to his family and young children when Peter’s wife was diagnosed with and died from lung cancer in her forties.

Peter has previously served on the Boards of Colorado Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, The Denver Chamber Orchestra and the American Electronics Association, Rocky Mountains.  For 20 years, he operated van Dernoot & Associates, Inc., a public relations firm in Denver, following more than 20 years in senior marketing posts with international corporations.  He is the author of the book Helping Your Children Cope With Your Cancer, A Guide For Parents and Families, that has been described as “an instant support group” and a “must read” for any family dealing with cancer.

In 2005, he received the Human Service Professional of the Year award from the National Association of Social Workers, Colorado Chapter.  Peter moved to Board Chair in September 2015.